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The in popularity at the drag strip. 00 more. Instant Center (IC): For drag purposes, we only concern ourselves with the rear suspension IC. Automotive Group provides the best suspension and related chassis component solutions to create a superior buyer experience for the professional and hobbyist car builder or installer. Suspension components are the crux of our business. Again racers detune the engine to maintain traction instead of looking into the suspension geometry. Description for Ford Mustang 1988: 1988 mustang coupe drag car for sale doesn't need much to get on the track. 8 Mar 2014 I have a 65 Mustang with a 353CID, supercharged setup making about I had a basically stock front suspension with drag shocks, I6 springs  22 Apr 2016 Tuning 4 Link Rear Suspensions for the Drag Strip . The Mustang has the engine much closer to the rear end than the GM intermediate thus giving the rear control arms a completely different leverage affect. This event should be on everyone’s “must do” list as it is so much fun. Tuning 4 link rear suspensions can make a car launch quicker and use less horsepower to do it. The GT350R additionally uses Ford’s MagneRide suspension, which naturally computes and changes the auto’s suspension setup each 10 milliseconds, contingent upon where it detects the heaviness of the auto is and the auto’s yaw-edge right then and there of time. We will Weld, CNC and Turbo Plumb your drag racing & high performance car. HOTCHKIS SPORT SUSPENSION SYSTEMS, PARTS, AND COMPLETE BOLT-IN PACKAGES. Ford Mustang models that do not feature independent rear suspension tend to handle unsteady over uneven roads. Suspension: Transfering weight is a key point. Asking 4500. 0-liter V8 engine, all-new 10-speed automatic transmission, and MagneRide ® suspension highlight available equipment that make the new 2018 Ford Mustang an even better performer on the road, and all-new Drag Strip mode makes Mustang more menacing at the track Realspeed Automotive specializes in 1979 to 2018 Mustang performance. Hey guys im lookin to upgrade my suspension on my car. There are so many variables. Carrying a full line of Ford Mustang Street and Drag Race Suspension Parts including Mustang Handling Springs, Mustang Bump Steer Kits, Mustang Subframe Connectors, Mustang Front and Rear Coil Over Kits, Mustang Caster Camber Plates, Mustang Upper and Lower Control Arms and Mustang K-member Kits. Suspension components must work together in order for the car to be balanced. Upgrading a Fox Mustang With UPR suspension for drag racing - Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords Magazine We had read about UPR's parts many times and have photographed plenty of race cars with its This Ford Mustang Fox-body gets installed with the ultimate suspension from Maximum Motorsports to rival the GT500 and Boss 302 at the dragstrip and on corners. Rear Suspension - You Weld Kits, Brackets, Axle and Frame Fabricating Parts for the Home or Pro builder; Mustang II. During the latest Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series event in Kent, WA, this new Cobra Jet owner stuffed his Mustang into the trackside barriers. Your drag racing connection for late model Camaro and Mustang chassis, suspension, body, and accessories. T. You can adjust their damping characteristics to suit varying tracks and/or  Performance Drag Race Suspension YouTube: https://www. The second day I owned the car I was up at Summit Point for my very first HyperFest. The key to building a good suspension platform is picking the right shop to do the work and picking the right suspension components to match your combination. Toe and camber should be as close to zero as you can get them. The kit replaces the stock suspension with no welding, or frame modifications other than drilling a few mounting holes. I am trying to build a car that is capable of running at multiple types of racing, and still be good on the street. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. (click on picture)-----'79-'93 Mustang ANTI-ROLLBAR/COILOVER COMBO This is the neatest setup for the "Shoot-Out" Mustang classes that allow coilover conversions. That depends on your current power level and set up. 5-70 Mustang that allows for easier installation and better fitment of the early Ford 289, 351, 390 and 4. No one can predict the perfect set up, even for a spec formula where much of the suspension is fixed by the rules. 6L V-8 engine Kenne Bell Mammoth Ford Performance used the 2015 SEMA show to unveil the new 2016 Ford Cobra Jet Mustang - a dedicated drag racecar capable of eight-second quarter-mile passes. Of all of the systems, the most common you’ll see today is the equal length four-link Mustang Drag Race Front Suspension I have been doing a lot of researching for front suspension components and I came across a few websites that I really liked. In our store we carry a variety of high-quality Ford Mustang 4 link kits. The combination of loose drag *New Drag Radial ET Record* Wolfe Race Craft Customers continue to lower the Drag Radial Record! The Wolfe Race Craft Suspension is proving itself over and over again. ) direct bolt-on drag race strut suspension system for 1967-69 Camaros and 1968-72 Novas. com. HELPFUL CALCULATIONS & SUSPENSION TUNING: Q: What should I do if the car hooks then spins? A: Typically, this is a . The 3 link rear suspension system. Our Ford Mustang performance suspension parts are designed to address these and other issues and turn your pony car into an outstanding handling machine. We know you don't have  4 Dec 2013 Solid rear axle supporters point to the setup's ruggedness and ability to take The traditional Mustang rear suspension goes by several names — live In motorsports that don't care about turning — drag racing — live axles  Lethal Performance S550 Mustang Suspension Package - 600+ HP (Drag). The 1964-1/2-2014 Mustang’s archaic rear suspension uses concepts that have been around since 4000 BC – while many like to espouse the “benefits” of having a live axle on a drag strip (literally the only place where it is beneficial), the fact of the matter is that the live axle makes the back end of the car behave like total crap Upgrade Ford Performance Parts with Steeda. My car is an 02 with a manual, and the mods are: UDP,CAI, dual exhaust,windstar upper, ported lower, GT TB, 3. Therefore you have to do comparative testing. 4s. Since some of the suspension components are moved inboard with a pushrod setup, their weights are no longer carried by the lower control arm and unsprung mass is reduced. Drag racing suspension setups are pretty straightforward (pun). 5" taller outer tie rod end. When the 2015 Ford Mustang finally goes on sale this fall, it will be the first time in the pony car's 50-year history that every example will sport an independent rear suspension system. Call us if you don’t see what you are looking for online. Some cars start off as the family hauler, then Put that same no-hop bar on a Mustang (also a factory 4-link suspension) with the same horsepower-to-weight ratio and it will hook for about 6 inches and then blow the tires off. Modifying your Mustang suspension is the single most significant improvement you can do to vastly improve the handling of your favorite pony car. 03/09/2012 < Back to Blog Home Lakewood drag shocks and struts have been developed by hardcore drag racers to be the most consistent and accurate on the market. If you buy a cheap Fox setup for drag without a Mustang II Weldable Components, Brackets etc. by John Heard with contributions from Mike Canter & Pat Musi, Last Updated Dec 29, 2014. Race Star Industries is a manufacturer and supplier of high performance alloy drag style wheels for street or strip applications and hardcore racing vehicles. Best wheels for any drag pack configuration. Includes 2 new reproduction horns, jumper wire, reinforcement bracket and hardware. i got this wicked non career mustang with 627hp any1 got a good "circut" drag suspension? i got exelent gears in it i just need a suspension lemme know what you can help me with Welcome to Heidts Hot Rod & Muscle Car Parts. New headlamps are lower, and more sinister. 5" taller upper ball joint along with a . Up front it’s running a trick long double A-arm setup, and if you are familiar with factory Mustang suspension I am looking to upgrade the suspension system in my 2013 brembo mustang. The location of which for drag racing purposes needs to be estimated vertically and front to rear. At the end of the day, the suspension set-up you choose depends mostly on how you plan to enjoy your Mustang. So popular is the modern Mustang Cobra Jet, that Ford Performance built 50-car batches in 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2016. given that the car already has a mustang 2 setup hacked onto it, it's arguably the best path forward. racing, oval track and drag racing, and general automotive technology. This is the first of a three part series from Chris Alston’s Chassisworks on tuning and calibrating for better drag race performance. Note: It is real easy to purchase non-compatible suspension components when there are so many suppliers. This suspension system has all 3 links running parallel to each other. QA1 now offers full-vehicle suspension kits specifically designed for drag racing for a variety of GM, Ford and Mopar vehicles. It’s the main mass-delivered auto to have carbon fiber wheels. 00 Select options; Street Performance Front Suspension Kit with Bilstein Shocks – Level 2 (1967-1970) $ 1,843. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > Jul 16, 2012 #1. Our traction bars were developed to achieve specific goals to improve high power traction while staying within hard set NHRA parameters. 2015 - 2019 Mustang Lowering Springs SP088 - Lowering Springs, Rear, Drag Version - There is nothing like the aggressive look of a car with the right stance! Over time, stock springs sag, get rusty, and simply wear out. NO TRADES. The FAYS2 Suspension Watts Link keeps the axle centered under your chassis so the springs, shocks, traction bars and tires can do their job properly. 1995 Mustang Stock suspension drag car. It won numerous awards from reputable organizations and was involved in a number of movies. Total Control’s leaf-spring suspension system includes everything that you need to update your Mustang’s rear suspension with a modern system that provides more responsive handling. Ive made a few calls and I've heard great things about both companies. Very impressive indeed, it would be the pinnacle of Mustang performance for the average performance buyer. it won't cost less to assemble. The 2015 to 2019 Mustang S550 makes for an excellent track build platform, but its factory suspension setup is geared more for a comfortable daily drive. 2010-2014 Mustang Suspension While the factory suspension on 2010-2014 Mustangs is decent for many owners, more than a few owners have chosen to upgrade their Mustang Suspension with many of the parts available from CJ Pony Parts. Heidts Mustang II Complete Front Suspension Kits are everything you need to get the handling and stopping power that you have been looking for. Right Hand Replacement Lower Control Arm Or Panhard Bar Heim Joint W/ Jam Nut FWD Suspension Setup for Drag Racing Posted by RichardB, Jul 16, 2012. 56-1. July 30, 2018 - The 2018 Ford Mustang GT's Performance Package and Performance Package Level 2 may be separated only by one number, but comparing these two handling packages shows the big differences. Here are some nitty-gritty details. Calculate the instant center on your Mustang drag car suspension geometry using ProLaunch upper control arms. The GoPro Hero3 camera was mounted to the parachute mount underneath the car with the camera facing the tire and rear suspension, providing a very unique look. ~A common problem with high horsepower cars running Too Little AS is that the suspension will cause the rear of the car to squat which tries to unload the tires. com/ trzmotorsports TRZ Gear: https://www. Have you noticed that horsepower and torque have almost become no-brainers? Hot Rod has shown you how to build a 700hp, normally aspirated 502 big Roller suspension improves road racing lap times, drag racing 60′ times and Street Performance. Taller upper ball joints are now available to correct the front suspension geometry. And had, possibly, the most fun with this hobby than any other moment. The F2S Watts Link lowers your Mustang's roll center and helps keep your car's handling response symmetrical in both left and right cornering. Whether your Mustang is a street going car, or you have big aspirations of knocking down low ETs at the drag strip, understanding the rear suspension and what goes into it will get you down the track faster. quarter-mile ETs were reduced by up to . Last but certainly not least is the QA1 K-Member. QA1 has built a rear shock in the Stocker Star line designed specifically for the the Cobras. the basics of Front Suspension Drag Racing - Duration: 13 Whether your Mustang is a street going car, or you have big aspirations of knocking down low ETs at the drag strip, understanding the rear suspension and what goes into it will get you down the track faster. Let me start with this: I’ve installed, maintained and repaired air suspension on my rides and those of customers and friends for the past fourteen years. Drag Racing Spring Rate Chart. TCP’s leaf-spring suspension may loosely resemble the OEM leaf-spring system but that is where the similarities end. SKU:LP-BMR-S550DRAG. In fact, most of the 2008 Mustang Cobra Jets competed with nostalgia graphic packages mirroring those on famous Mustang CJ drag cars. 6L V-8 engine Kenne Bell Mammoth supercharger Built automatic transmission Weld drag-pack wheel and tire setup Upgraded fuel system Upgraded suspension and axle Kirkey race aluminum seats Roll cage Estimated over $60,000 invested Built SVT Cobra 4. Note this is a stock Mustang setup. Below, you will find a selection of our carefully chosen wheels that have been cherry picked for your Ford Mustang build. Drag Racing – Full Roller Front Suspension – Later 60’s Mustang Falcon Comet Fairlane Cougar Maverick $ 1,850. 3 second using this setup with the  22 Oct 2018 Driven by Jon Lund, the 2015 Mustang GT knocked off a stout 1. Rear Suspension - Individual Components. The importance of setting a budget and timeline can’t be stressed enough. Over the years, drag racers with door cars have gone through all sorts of suspension arrangements. Late Model Restoration addresses some of the most common Mustang coil over conversion questions to guide you through your new suspension. (marc)>> now our mustang suspension is basically stock. Although I raced my Nitro Rustler (due to drivetrain reliability issues with my Jato), I used a setup that can be used on the Jato. Top-Brand Four Link Kits. Scroll down to the section about rear suspension. Full-Vehicle Drag Suspension for 1994-1995 Ford Mustangs. Part# 36-500. This unit welds on the inside of the existing frame rails, a somewhat unique feature compared to other products available. Hard launches from high horsepower cars at the drag strip require more that just a normal street-style sway bar. 1 A complete Mustang II Front suspension (and steering) This is a major exercise involving removing all the existing front suspension, steering, and much of the shock towers. We carry a full line of Foxbody Mustang Front Suspension Parts including Mustang K-Member Kits, Mustang Bump Steer Kits , Mustang Front Coil Over Kits, Mustang Caster Camber Plates, Mustang A- Arms and Mustang Lowering Springs. The Mustang Stocker Star rear shock is built to handle it all, from drag and road racing to the rigors of everyday use. Muscle Car Handling Upgrades: Rear Suspension System for performance handling and you’re installing a drag race ladder bar setup in the rear, then be prepared Drag Pack Parts & Accessories Drag Pack Horn Setup 1969/1970 Mustang / Cougar. 68. Instant Center Calculator for Mustang drag car suspensions with Prolaunch upper control arms. allow the front suspension to do it needs to do while you're at the drag strip and we've  20 May 2019 Maximum Motorsports Tames Fox & SN95 Mustang Rear Suspensions . I'd call John at Opentracker Racing and talk with him. 5 Shelby GT350 Mustang Drive Modes Broken Down. Shop Front Suspension Kits and get Free Shipping on orders over $99 at Speedway Motors, the Racing and Rodding Specialists. more power that I can learn how to get the suspension set up right to get it to go forward. 2. In this article we cover some basic car setup for VW Drag Racing. If you’re still not sure which way to turn after reading this article, call the guys at MM The bar has been raised with the release of our extremely lightweight (144 lb. There is even a song about the Ford Mustang! In 2014, more than 4,000 Mustangs were registered to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the model. Complete IFS Kits - Car & Truck; Mustang II Parts - Brakes, Arms, Shocks, Racks etc; Mustang II Crossmembers - Weld On Items - Brackets; Suspension. Each kit includes no more than the needed parts to improve performance in incremental levels, saving you money and frustration when building your Mustang, while still allowing for future upgrades. Springs: Generally, you will want to choose a spring that will lower your Mustang. Welcome to the Hardcore 5. 30 Jul 2018 July 30, 2018 - The 2018 Ford Mustang GT's Performance Package and Can the 2018 Ford Mustang GT Performance Pack Perform at the Drag Strip? up tons of grip, and the suspension setup is complemented by great  Improve your Mustangs traction and handling with Maximum Motorsports Rear Lower Drag racers can use these arms to easily fit larger tires, and improve traction by fine-tuning the instant center location and anti-squat geometry by Any up and down suspension movement causes the rear lower control arms to not only  A: Click here for a custom rear shock small tire car tuning guide. 1964-1966 Mustang Coilover Front End Kit - Street Drag/Small Block (Double Adjustable) # COMST-6466D Newly released from Global West Suspension, we sell front coilover kits for 1964, 1965 and 1966 Mustangs. Full-Vehicle Suspension for 1979-1989 Ford Mustangs. 8 Rear End Housings K Ok, so I went to the local track recently. Available with two levels of performance to choose from, these drag racing kits are modeled around what parts drivers need to reach their drag racing goals. You get a "hold-and-weld" crossmember with all the mounts located for easy and fast construction time, an anti-rollbar that is an actual 3/4" torsion bar, not a Drag Pack Horn Setup for 1969/1970 Mustangs & Cougars equipped with external oil cooler. Had a drag race last night at my lhs (Middle River Hobbies). This is also the year when the Blue Our advanced handling package is fully adjustable to give you the capability of tuning the suspension to meet your ever changing needs. Providing the Mustang enthusiast with quality performance parts SINCE 1969! Maier Racing Enterprises When it comes to drag racing — stock usually sucks. A good front setup complements the rear suspension to create a well-balanced car. com Performance Suspension Specialist. The obvious Hotchkis Sport Suspension advantage is improved handling for your performance car, SUV or truck. for the car rolling setup for BBC or SBC. trzmotorsports. Drag racers can typically get away with using polyurethane bushings in their suspension because the suspension doesn’t need to move as freely on a drag strip. We recommend that you make a plan for your whole car, even if you're only addressing one end at a time. Finally, I don’t know how fast your car is, but with quicker examples, some form of front-end limiter will likely be required. Best Drag Racing Setup 2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech. Built SVT Cobra 4. This is a massive issue with racing cars, though it still influences the ride quality of road cars. Drag Racing Suspension Kits. Race Star wheels are engineered to truly fit any popular Mustang, Camaro, Challenger, Charger, Truck or Import with no brake caliper 2018 Mustang design team lowered the hood and grille for a lean, more athletic look. With that said, the pressure to take your Mustang, stock or heavily modified, down the quarter mile is definitely there. Find yours today. your setup, engine combo The One Tweak To The 2015 Ford Mustang That Will Change It Forever. The best suspension products are derived from field-tested component creation, intelligently engineered parts, and #4 QA1 Tubular K-Member. We’ve been working on an in-depth story on chassis and suspension tuning that’ll cover a lot of complicated variables including optimizing tire grip, fixing suspension geometry, dialling in spring rates and sway bar rates as well as dealing with shock damping, but for those of you looking for a quick and easy set of guidelines for fixing a handling imbalance in your car’s setup at the In back, the Mustang finally goes to an independent rear suspension (the setup of choice for most sports cars), using an integral-link setup that features retooled springs, dampers and bushings The "ULTIMATE" Racing Car Chassis Setup Guide and Tutorial. my setup for my 65 mustang, cpp suspension kit, steeriods R&P + variable powersteering assist, pro motorsport bumpsteer kit, roller perches, 1 inch swaybar, 620 springs, koni shocks and wilwood brakes. Overview: The 4-Link Calculator lets you input, view, save, analyze and compare your 4-Link rear suspension geometry. • Software for Auto Racing and High Performance Cars • Data Acquisition Systems - new and used • Engineering Services and Live Seminars on Performance and Racing Technology • All types of Tech Info on racecar engines, chassis and suspension setup for road. QA1 is a well-known suspension manufacturer that specializes in muscle cars like the Fox Body Mustang. Steeda's Stage 1 Drag Pack tunes your suspension setup for faster launches, improved stability, and increased traction - all without sacrificing your OE street ride quality. Drag Racing Traction: Rear Suspension: Coil Springs and Four-Link March 13, 2015 by Muscle Car DiY This chapter looks at muscle cars with rear suspension systems using coil springs with two upper and two lower control arms. Fits 2015-17 Mustang S550. Hot Traction Tips For Street/Strip Suspensions. 57 to a best of 1. sure a M2 bushing or arm is less than a comparable AMC part, but that's false economy, the vast amount of work and cut-and-try has to be overlooked again if you enjoy the challenge and engineering, go for it. now i have two requirements, i need it to lay in the weeds and i need to get rid of the inner shock towers. Many enthusiasts new to getting down the  2 Jul 2012 Adjustability is the name of the game in a rear suspension setup if you want to go But if are serious about drag racing and straight-line performance, you'll need to “In a stock suspension mustang, geometry is everything. The foundation for the Watson Racing S550 Mustang IRS is the sub-frame assembly that was designed by the engineering staff for strength and durability in drag racing competition. We build all of our suspension components on jigs to insure perfect fit, our anti roll bar requires using our suspension on the street but it was designed for drag racing (off road use). caveman's suspension setup. If the MR tuners went that far, it would be pretty cool, but I kinda doubt they did. Re: foxbody mustang what springs to use with bbf IDT-572 on October 16th 2009, 5:42 pm I think if you need more lift in the front to aid weight transfer, then put a lighter spring 150# or lower and just adjust your ride hieght back to the original setting by screwing the adjuster nut up until it sit right. Whether you intend to drag race, road race, daily drive, or any combination of the three, Maximum Motorsports has a suspension option for you. Summit Racing has everything you need to build the triangulated or parallel 4-link suspension setup you want. It's fully prepped for serious drag racing. Drag Racing Level 1. Mine was a pretty mild setup. Racecraft : Customer Highlights - Apparel Cooling Electrical Exhaust Fittings Hardware Power Adders Safety Gear Shocks Rear Springs Steering Chassis Tabs & Mnts Fabricated Housings Coil Over Kits 2 Drop Spindles MidPlates MotorPlates GARAGE SALE Axles, 3rd Members & Gear Sets Brakes GIFT CERTIFICATES Tools Wings Struts Dzus Rails A-Arms Shocks Front 1. Ford Mustang Forum Full BMR And Steeda Suspension FRPP Throttlebody Dynotech Driveshaft SOLD!! I have no Mustang Now available from Lethal Performance, in collaboration with BMR Suspension, are suspension packages designed to put the power down on your 600+ hp S550 Mustang! > <p>Specifically designed by BMR Suspension for S550 Mustangs that have added horsep Whether you have a Fox Body, SN95, New Edge, S197, or S550 we have a kit that is perfect for your setup! Having a good handling Mustang is key to safety and performance on and off the track. Combined with our updated front suspension on the older Mustangs and our triangulated 4 link rear suspension, this will make any old Mustang handle like it just came off the assembly line! When it comes to completely modifying the front suspension of a Mustang and still having it be a bolt-on, the best option is a coil over kit and many manufactures have this type of product on the market. Not "full drag suspension" by any means. Here’s how to plot the instant center and anti-squat of your S197 Mustang rear suspension. S197 Mustang GT has been a straight-line special for years, but it will soon start a new life as an autocross star. You want the rear as stiff as possible, which means heavy springs; just dialing up the shocks isn't going to do much at all. Front Suspension Kits in-stock with same-day shipping. Drag race components are also included. When owning one of America’s most iconic muscle cars, drag racing is more than likely a topic of conversation at car shows, meets and other Mustang club events. Car currently has a 454 in it with cam, good heads, roller rockers, aluminum intake and 750 dbl. Center of Gravity (CoG): The center of gravity is the location where if you could balance your car on a pinpoint, the exact pinpoint would be. We have put together several packages for 1964-70 Mustangs starting with the basic setup to road racing. Mustang Front Suspension Parts - UPR Products is known best for it's street and race proven suspension parts, built with the highest quality components. 1965-73 Mustang Four Link Suspension from Mustang Depot Orders Over $100 get FREE SHIPPING and No Handling Fees: Adjustable 4-link mounts allow suspension tuning Drag Racing Level 1. I'm not trying to break the bank. Just curious what those of you who take your cars to the drag strip or mexico run on your cars? S197 Mustang Forum - S197Forum. Building Your Mustang's Suspension Foundation; Setting up for Drag Racing; Getting . 1960-87 Chevy-GMC C10 Suspension Parts. BMR Suspension believes the right springs go beyond looks—your S550 needs to perform, too! With the tire and suspension technology that exists todays, shocks and struts play a very important role in a stock suspension setup, and Dave says that adjustability is desirable. No-option stripper- I like strippers. 1 compression. The rear suspension gets really tight on my car when I have it in drag mode, but I don't know if the front rebound is softened up like an old school drag shock. Drag Racing Suspension Setup and Tuning with Digital Video. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Now introducing our new Export/Monte Carlo Brace for the 64-70 Mustang. of the two what would you go Hub to Hub Mustang II IFS front suspensions, Full Tilt Street Rods Mustang II, Kits, tubular lower control arms, tubular upper control arms, crossmembers, cross members, Full Tilt Strut Rod Eliminators Drag racing. 00 Add to cart “Pro” Upper and Lower Control Arms (Stock Spring) $ 950. Looking for a better launch, straight line stability and consistent performance for your Fox Body Mustang? Turn to QA1's drag racing suspension kits for a full-vehicle upgrade that fits your needs. ” Computer Program to Simulate and Analyze Rear Suspension 4-Link Setups for Instant Center, Pinion Angle and Driveshaft Angle Change, Anti-Squat %, and More for Drag Racing. We recently had the opportunity to capture video of the rear suspension of an Ultra Street Drag Radial Mustang piloted by Roger Roberts. Tuning Your Tires and Suspension - Hooked! - Tips, Tricks, And In-Depth Info For Ultimate Starting Line Bite While Today's Performance World Offers Plenty Of Ways To Make Big Power, Selecting DragRace. Ford Mustang fiberglass and suspension parts since 1969. Available with two levels of performance to choose from, these drag racing kits are modeled around what parts drivers need to reach their handling goals. 9 seconds at around 103 mph. Front Suspension 2. Unfortunately we arent able to find any sort of QA1 suspension kit for the Fox Body Mustang, but we did find their k-member. We stock race-proven Mustang parts, from billet accessories to shifters, superchargers, lowering springs, exhaust and more, including fox body mustang, SN-95 and New Edge Mustang parts. 00 Drag Racing Axles, Ford 9 inch Rear Ends, Drag Race Struts, Drag Racing Shocks, Racing Axles, Drag Race Brakes, Rear Axles, Dana 60, Ring and Pinion. SW’s strut front frame package is designed to simplify installation for the do-it-yourselfer. youtube. From Heidts and RideTech, to Detroit Speed and Helix, and many more, Summit Racing carries a massive selection of four-link suspension kits from the most trusted brands in performance suspension. Even though your drag racing Pontiac is leaving "straight" both rear tires may not be pulling with maximum tractive force or even equally: Therefore the subject of this Technical Topic is a simple analysis of the forces and torques acting on the rear suspension and how to compensate for the various unequal forces on a leaf-spring Pontiac such Ford Torino Rear Suspension Installation; Chrysler B Body Front Suspension Installation; Chrysler A-Body Front Suspension Installation; Chrysler A & B Body Rear Suspension Installation; Corvette 4-Bar Kit Install Instructions; Mounting the C1 Corvette Steering Column Kit; Mounting the 60-63 Falcon Mini Tub Kit; Mustang Front Suspension 4 link Mustang suspension setup ideas? Posted By: Oval Olds Date: 12/28/2004 18:46 I've got a new project brewing ( now that enough parts have come my way ) Take one obsolete 4 cyl rear drive mini stock body/tube frame, 86 Mustang suspension and a 4 cylinder motor from a Dodge mini truck, mix it up and make a car for sports car time trials. I was thinking about a 18 on the back wrapped with a toyo 888r 305 35 18 and a skinny on the front. Alignment is one of the most important things in getting your drift car to handle correctly and a subject that is mangled quite a bit on internet forums. The Most Complete Racing Car Chassis Setup Tutorial Guide Available presented by Shown above is a gaming expo fair in Europe that held a contest for the best gamer team in a newly released 1st shooter game competition. Why do so many mustang racers swap to chevy engines? 1983 Mustang G. Whether you're running a standard, stock suspension system, or a lowered one, ready for the track, or maybe have an AirRide, we'll help you out pick the perfect Forgestar lightweight wheel setup. Of course the best mods you can make are drag slicks and the ol' driver mod. The 2016 Ford Shelby GT350 Mustang has an advanced chassis setup to go with its new V-8 engine. We can reduce understeer and oversteer characteristics with the adjustments of anti-roll bar (sway bars), bump and rebound, ride height, spring rates, corner and static weights. 0 Mustang Magazine about my 12-second stock motor experiment: 1989 Ford Mustang LX - Fox Buildup I'll point out that the car was my daily driver at the time, and it was a lot of fun! A-Arm Suspension System for Chassisworks 4×2″ Crossmembers and Front Clips. I will just say that I really like my current solid axle mustang setup. Founded in 1988, Steeda is the leader in Ford performance products specializing in the engineering and manufacturing of parts for the Ford Mustang, Fusion, Focus, Fiesta, and Ford Trucks. CalTracs Traction Bars offer tremendous benefits that can be realized when our traction bar kit is installed on a leaf spring suspended automobile. it does have an aftermarket shock, but the springs are original, so are the control arms, and even the disc brake setup. Every car only lasts a certain number of years, but it can lead multiple lives in whatever time it has before it heads to the junk yard. Watson Racing specializes in late model Mustang racing parts, drag race and road race car build for all makes and models. Fox Body Mustang Suspension Basics For Better 60 ft Times! Drag Radial Suspension Setup!! Instant Center, Anti-Squat explanations. i'm thinkin either the normal mustang II route or go with the AJE tubular k member and coilover setup. $8900 obo. Q: How do tune my front for a front shock tuning guide. Alignment. I do alot of drag racing and need a good setup. 00 1993-2002 F-BodyTubular Front Upper & Lower Control A-Arms With Ball Joints Included Package Just recently got an SN95, my first Mustang since my 1979 Mustang purchased brand new back in the day. Which makes you faster, so you win, get famous, and live happy ever after… So, let’s get into it and find out how to do it… Note: You need at least 45% of the car’s weight on the rear wheels to make a 4 link suspension work properly. Stage 1 basic drag suspension combo, great for daily driver and weekend warriors. Complete Suspension kit. The base frame package features mandrel formed 2″ x 3″ frame rails, rear lower control arm mounts, a fully welded rack pinion crossmember with front lower control arm mounts and a front subframe support package to tie the frame rails to the roll cage. "The modern Cobra Jet has performed 3 Link Rear Suspension System. S550 Mustang Racing Parts, S550 IRS, Roll Cage, Drag and Road Race Roll cages, bumpers, and more! Race services include assembly, complete builds, aftermarket race parts installation, road race, or specialty drag race builds. I got the car last year, it's running a staggered setup of 19x9 and 19x10, has some sort of after market springs, I am thinking roush springs at this point, I am going to lift the car and check tomorrow. Mustang II Front Suspension — Build Your Own, Fraction the Cost! $ 16. Q: How I tune my Mustang front struts? Our team members include drag racers, circle track racers and muscle car, street rod and high performance car and truck enthusiasts. Worn out suspension parts can reduce braking performance, increase body roll, and cause a rough ride. Front Suspension Kits IFS etc. i will have to agree with red96gt, it is almost impossible to build a suspension that does everything. The polyurethane bushings will affect the ride & safety and squeak like unholy hell. RichardB They are common mustang wheels. 00 Add to cart 1. Öhlins is the number 1 suspension manufacturer of suspension for motorcycle and cars within aftermarket, OEM and motorsport with over 300 motorsport titles. ) For 800. ~LINK~ Figure Four: A Guide to Tuning Your Four-Link Suspension System Posted by Wayne Scraba on April 23, 2015 at 2:56 pm Over the years, drag racers with door cars have gone through all sorts of suspension arrangements. Lethal Performance S550 Mustang  11 Jan 2018 A well set up solid axle that's not way too heavy for the car it's under isn't too Back in my old drag racing days, we tweaked the rear suspension to create . Proven combo improves traction and 60ft times. pumper and good built turbo 350 with stall. They seem like they would be a good setup for better traction at the drags without loosing the ability to take corners. As those who have researched these cars is aware there was a problem with the Fox body original car rear suspension as well as front camber settings that were modified when the SN95's came about and later in the late 90's or so. My car is a stick shift all motor making about 464 rwhp. The system uses iron-impregnated fluid and magnetic current to continually adjust damper “Pro” Upper and Lower Control Arms (Coil-Over) $ 950. HEIDTS now offers Mustang II Front Suspension crossmembers and components to make it easy! This is an all new design for the 64. I also have the complete LS setup (Kooks headers, mounts and radiator. 0-liter V-8 engine back in 1968. . Re: '62 Ranchero - rear suspension setup for drag racing? Post by rbohm » Mon Jul 21, 2014 6:18 pm one thing about shocks, the rears are the same shocks used in early mustangs, so save some money and buy the shocks for a mustang. Video2016 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet (photo credit: Ford Motor Company) When any product has been in continuous production for decades on end, change or lack of it can become extremely controversial. 6L motors (PM-320-E-K)! now today we're gonna continue that by working on the front suspension. 90 Mustang 3340 lbs 306ci Whether the car is a stock suspension car running 13's down to 7's or a full tube chassis car *See Anti Squat below in the 4-Link section for another term used for describing how to set up a 4-Link chassis. After snapping a stock halfshaft while running in Drag Mode, Team Lethal returned to Palm Beach International Raceway and clicked off a best elapsed time of 11. Best drag wheel/tire setup for Scat Pack or SRT? suspension wear). Otherwise, projects are guaranteed to take longer and cost more than you intended. Suspension tuning and theory on stick shift late model solid axle mustangs. 2018 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet is unveiled on Woodward Avenue in Michigan to celebrate the model's 50th anniversary. o. Engine: 351W ford racingR block 9. Posted on February 7, 2012 June 11, 2018; by Mike Kojima; Basic Drift Chassis Setup Part 3. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. Whiteline Watts Link Suspension Setup on a 2005-2014 Mustang 6 May 2015 Experienced drag racers understand that many duels on the strip are won or lost in the first 60 feet. Lift bars, slapper bars, Super Stock springs, leaf links, ladder bars, three-links, four-links, and torque arms (there may be others too, but it’s a start). I’ve always been of the opinion that air suspension is good for one thing and one thing only – getting the frame on the ground. This rear kit enables you to “mini-tub” your car to allow for wider tires. By Mike Kojima. Located in Riviera Beach, FL. nginx Ridetech. With the 2003-2004 Mustang Cobra one of the most popular performance cars ever built. In this CAR CRAFT rear suspension tech guide Jeff Smith explains the differences between setups and how to set up your musclecar for maximum traction on the street and while drag racing - Car S550 Mustang IRS – Independent Rear Suspension (IRS). Academy delivers the ultimate educational experience for hardcore drag racers by providing users hours of HD video tutorials and in-depth articles created by some of the industry’s most respected professionals. 0 - The Hardcore Ford Drag Racers Forum. Located in Southeast Michigan, Watson Racing is a full-service race car build operation. Quality parts I'm sure but there are a lot of upgrades to the mustang suspension and the Grab A Track setup includes basically none of them. You guys are getting into the "why" of how early Mustang suspension doesn't work well and how to correct it. The information in this article, properly applied, may be able to keep you from breaking and/or crashing your car, or at the very least keep you from scaring the living daylights out of yourself (and/or your spouse, track personnel, or spectators at the track!) But for the hardcore drag racers with both adjustments at their fingertips, QA1’s Goldie suggests, “A rebound setting that’s softer than the compression on the nose for optimum weight transfer, and vice versa in the rear to control the initial hit on the suspension upon launch. We go a step further giving you the additional advantage of convenience and product longevity with the inclusion of all necessary heavy duty installation hardware. BMR Suspension’s Xtreme Anti Roll Bar for 2005-2014 Mustang or 2007-2014 Shelby GT500 allows you to launch harder without excessive body roll limiting traction, with little sacrifice to Ford Mustang (S197) you can raise it back up and into your favorite road course or drag strip. However, variety means confusion to many enthusiasts and racers. one thing that a lot of people don't consider is what the sum of there bolt on parts will be for their drag setup, autocross setup,etc. Here at Brothers Performance we have the best Mustang suspension parts to build a great handling car that will tear it up at the track and carve every corner in the canyons. My cars and trucks are always built to drag. Custom suspension kits are our specialty. Drag race four link suspension use spherical rod ends for strength and extreme adjustability. Drag Racing Suspension & Setup for Type 1 Aircooled VWs. Because I can’t heed my How to Build a Winning Drag Race Chassis and Suspension: Chassis Fabrication, Front & Rear Suspension, Steering & Rear Axle, Shocks, Springs & Brakes, Ladder Bars, Four Links & Bolt-On Bar Setups [Wayne Scraba] on Amazon. One example I found of an extremely beefy rear end setup was for a late-model Mustang with a Ford 9-inch independent rear suspension by Watson Racing. There are things elaborated on here that I never really understood. The 1969 Mustang Mach 1 equipped with the 428 CJ or SCJ went 0-60 mph in 5. Normal/Neutral Line: 1. This kind of suspension always has some kind of panhard bar to keep the axle Magnetic Suspension. I'm completely new to the drag pack world. The FFR non-donor setup for Roadsters and the 33 Hot Rod uses upgraded upper and lower control arms, and replaces the coil springs and quad shocks with Koni coilovers. Dave Hance first in the 6's on Stock Suspension & Drag Radials. MagneRide is the hot, new suspension setup that makes the GT350 such a performer. 73 gears, Tlok, FRPP C Springs, subframe connectors, short throw shifter, and a Trick tuners 91 octane tune. Steeda Mustang Drag Race Rear Sway Bar (2015-2020 All) . I have had a few '60's Fords with these suspensions and done a couple of mods in the way of Shelby/Arning drop, big sway bar, and stiffer bushings. As you well know, the Fox platform is an amazing platform for drag racing, but replacing your struts with aftermarket units designed to provide maximum traction is a necessity. The days of cheap drag shocks and high performance are generally gone, and if you want to get the most out of your suspension, you’ll have to go this route. We offer a variety of C10 suspension parts, including ball joints, coil springs, control arm shafts, front & rear shocks, bushings, front end suspension kits, idler arms, pitman arms, leaf springs + more The Mustang Cobra Jet is now known as Ford’s factory-built drag racer, but the "Cobra Jet" badge was actually created for a 7. 5 deck4 bolt main with 393 fully forged stroker kit est 13. Keep in mind that this K-member package addresses only your Mustang's front suspension. ok so i have a 65 stang that i want to re do the front suspension on. The “ before” shows the car with a 4-link set up for drag racing. TCP, Ron Morris, Global West, and Fat Man all make some sort of coil over or strut front suspension for a Mustang. on the track using the 275/40r20 drag radial versus a similar drag wheel setup on a 17 or Boss 302 and S197 Technical Forum Discussion of Maintenance, Suspension, Engine and Track Setup Featuring a large, friendly Mustang enthusaist community with message forums, chat, classified ads, a performance analyzer, and the ability to post your own Mustang on our User's Rides section and upload your own pictures, sound, and video galleries. To be competitive and withstand the demands of Vintage Racing, track days and autocross, I started FAYS2 Suspension and designed my own Watts Link. It will fit the stock suspension or our front end kits. 2015 Mustang Performance Parts & Specifications The 2015 Mustang may have moved away from the completely retro S197 body style, but the new S550 body combined with its aggressive styling that combines modern styling with some retro cues makes this Pony bound to be a legend. We proudly feature USA made products. Strange Engineering helps your Mustang dig in on the street and strip with adjustable shocks and struts By Michael Galimi Drag racing is still the undisputed king of enthusiast motorsports as virtually everyone has access to a drag strip thanks … 2010 - 2015 Chevy Camaro Drag Race Packages DRP007 - Drag Race Suspension Package - BMR Suspension has taken the guesswork out of making huge launch improvements to the 2010-2015 Chevrolet Camaro, and put it all in one convenient package. 00 Select options; Street Performance Front Suspension Kit with Bilstien shocks – Level 1 (1967-1970) $ 1,228. com/product-category/ apparel/. Clips are factory-welded 1-5/8” 4130 tubing with plenty of space for tall-deck engines with large-diameter headers, easy engine removal and completely accessible oil pan. i dont wanna run airbags though. With American-made quality and racer support, it's no wonder so many champions choose Team Z Motorsports. Coil-over suspension can’t compare with the versatility of air The F-Body is one of the best chassis platforms because of the variety of suspension parts and chassis components available. I went from 1. Dropping 60 Foots: S197 Mustang Suspension With Comp Engineering By Jason Reiss January 03, 2014 The 2013 Mustang’s suspension benefits from nearly a decade of performance development, as the chassis first debuted in 2004 as a 2005 model. The drag race bars when set up correctly form an open ended triangle to permit you to change what is called the cars "instant center" (theoretical point that the tires push)to achieve the ultimate in traction control. 50 60ft and I consistently run low 1. I was on stock springs for some time and I installed the BMR drag springs back in Dec 2014, which was a big improvement. Control arms Suspension tuning Drag racing. 5 Drop Spindles 8. Now you can give your Mustang superior handling. There are a few things that are basic for drag racing. Drag racing on a torque arm. What should I run for front suspension for drag racing? Coilovers? pedders 90/10?? The car is a M6 and a nice day driver that I'm building for drag racing I'm going to be running GForces strange rear coilover setup next year, just don't know what to do for the front to help lift it off the line and keep it up Links to products would be cool too Strange Dual Caliper Spindle Mount Brake Kit (Pro Series 2) for TRZ Spindle / Strange Strut $ 1,075. 5s and I am hoping with your help I can break into 1. 21 sixty-foot on its recorded with a S550 that utilizes an IRS rear suspension, a suspension setup that was thought to have been less than ideal for drag racing. This is the ultimate setup for a street driven car that allows to you to soften the car’s ride for highway driving and trips yet still be able to stiffen the suspension for autocrossing and road racing. S197 Team Z designed the CJ suspension setup, and this kit is almost identical to what goes into the solid axle CJ builds. The crew at Lethal Performance wasted no time hitting the drag strip in their 2018 Mustang GT project car. Guaranteed lowest price! 1964-1973 Ford Mustang (+1" Ride Height) 1964-1965 Ford Trick Chassis sells drag racing suspension components online! Click here to browse our current inventory and see what products are available. With the tire and suspension technology that exists todays, shocks and struts play a very important role in a stock suspension setup, and Dave says that adjustability is desirable. here's me setup: BMR Drag springs Shop the industry's largest selection of Drag Race Suspension Kits at Jegs. Give your Lethal Performance associate a call today and let us help you get your suspension setup the way it should be. com Best suspension setup Team Z Motorsports components are featured on and under some of the fastest street and strip cars in the country. A newer style that is only just now becoming stock in just a few vehicles and that works well as performance type of suspension. Regardless if you are a drag racer or corner carver, upgrading your suspension will make you faster in a straight-line and in a turn. Ridetech manufactures exciting suspension systems that improve the handling and ride quality of your muscle car, truck, Corvette or hot rod. Tuning 4 Link Rear Suspensions for the Drag Strip. I have done testing, the results are HERE The best compromise for most First Gen Camaros is to just add a . I don't know what wheels to get, tire size or wheel size. With this setup, the way to control front-end rise is by way of the shock absorber. Whether it be camber links, lowering springs, cradle lockouts, bushings, shocks or struts we carry it all and can help you choose the correct components for your specific setup. Whats do you guys think will work for me. for the die-hard drag So with that said; the standard 1979-2004 4-link/SLA suspension is what I started with. 19 Sep 2013 Adjustable shock absorbers are becoming popular in drag racing. The Mustang II front sub-frame assembly complete with suspension, brakes and rack and pinion steering is then positioned in the correct location. Durability and control in all scenarios is provided with a setup of this caliber, but it sells at over $9,000. Lethal Performance. There's something to back this up, as it is a very old basic design. Because the F2S Watts Link keeps the axle centered under the car, the rear of the car now "follows" the front suspension rather than fighting it. Suspension tips and advice based on my experiences with stick shift mustangs. In this case, we are referring to struts on the classic Fox-body Mustang. Basic Drift Chassis Setup Part 3. ’66 Mustang + NASCAR V8 = One Crazy Afternoon. Click here for new Plus Version's features. . Hundreds of drag races took place over the three-day NHRA event at Pacific Raceways earlier last weekend but there’s one particular drag race that’s making the rounds on the internet, particularly some photos showing a pristine Cobra Jet Mustang SANTHUFF'S Suspension Specialties 12886 County Road 1394 Sinton, Texas 78387 361-364-3169 PARTS AVAILABILITY We apoligize, but as of 09/1/2019 were are running about 4 weeks lead time. PN: 2004-1990 Mustang Bolt In Strut 10 Biggest Suspension Set Up Mistakes - most race teams have made: Set Up Mistake No1: Not testing. 13 Mar 2015 Drag Racing Traction: Rear Suspension: Coil Springs and Four-Link Impala SS cars (B-Bodies), and 1979–2004 Ford Mustangs (Fox-Bodies). 301 Moved Permanently. With the many options for lowering your Mustang, there are even more questions on each setup. Did a quick search, and found this link. 5 seconds and the quarter mile in 13. Steeda suspension packages are custom tailored to deliver the optimal balance of ride and handling you desire. Built on an NHRA-certified tube chassis, the Mustang is also equipped with a Powerglide automatic transmission, Ford 9-inch rear end with 4-link suspension setup, Wilwood brakes, Goodyear drag slicks, aluminum radiator, braided lines and drag chute. 5″ Drop Spindle for use with Spindle Mount Brakes More powerful 5. We pour Higher Technology into every component we offer. I'm not impressed by them. 00 or b. These Complete Front Suspension Kits are available in pre-fit kits or universal kits to easily match your vehicle. Which makes you faster, so you win, get famous, and live happy ever after So, let's get into it and find out how to do it The S550 Mustang made drastic improvements to the suspension setup from the factory, but still struggled in some areas. 18 Apr 2018 Looking for competition proven performance for your S550 Mustang while maintaining the ability to drive it on the street? Dealers · Installation · Tuning . PN: 2004-1990 Mustang Bolt In Strut Suspension Specialties Sinton, Texas 78387 361-364-3169 DRAG RACING STRUTS & SPINDLES: Tube Chassis Coil Over Struts. Anthony Jones Racing, and Racecraft Inc. Increased rear grip helps in every type of driving; would you ever complain about having too much traction? What's wrong with the stock Mustang rear suspension? If any of you have ever dealt with early Mustang suspension, you know that there is an upper and lower control arm and that there is a strut rod (to prevent fore and aft movement of the lower control arm?). More modern as well, with all-LED front illumination1 – including signature lighting, low and high beams, turn signals and fog lamps2 – adding additional shine to the 2018 Ford Mustang. I’m pretty sure part of your problem is a set of too-loose shocks or perhaps the 90/10’s are simply worn out. Team Z Motorsports components are featured on and under some of the fastest street and strip cars in the country. Modern ride quality and handling for early Mustangs, Falcons, Cougars, Comets, Fairlanes and other 60’s – 70’s Ford, Mercury – AMC/AMX and Chevrolet products. Was a little disappointed but I could not get any traction at all. Timing Pointer 1969-1970 428 Super Cobra Jet Drag Pack Mustang Shelby Cougar. Tires: Don't go to the track without them. BMR, Steeda and Viking Shocks. Aside Martz Chassis offers a weld in 4-link unit. Chassis Engineering is a full fabrication shop. The cheaper the better. Suspension Specialties Sinton, Texas 78387 361-364-3169 DRAG RACING STRUTS & SPINDLES: Tube Chassis Coil Over Struts. 99 Professionally drawn, fully-dimensioned engineering drawings that show every aspect of Mustang II Street Rod Front Suspension construction. sometimes parts vendors put a higher price on parts for falcons even though they are the same as mustang parts Is a Torque-arm okay for street driving, or is it just for drag racing or road racing? The MM Torque-arm is great for all three situations. Similar to the suspension setup used on the Chevrolet Corvette Z06 and the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1, the new Shelby Mustang uses a magnetic damper Ford Mustang Drag Shock Selection Guide By: Sean B. Choose from four styles and three colors of ladders bars, or choose from five styles and three finishes of 4-link. Explains the 4-link setup, and the reason why it binds. Here's an article I wrote in 5. Don't be the guy at the track everyone is laughing at because you are complaining of a horrible track when you drop the clutch at 6k with 245 50 16 radials, and stock suspension. adjustable panhard bar Pan Hard Bar, S197 Mustang, Team Z, PErformance Suspension, 2005-2014 Mustang, Suspension drag wheels/tires of your choosing and you're just about done. Looking for a better launch, straight line stability and consistent performance for your 1994-1995 Mustang? Turn to QA1's drag racing suspension kits for a full-vehicle upgrade that fits your needs. Suspension tuning can be used to change the way the car behave on different track and road conditions, playing to your car´s strength to gain a competitive edge. Ford Drag Racing Kits QA1 now offers full-vehicle drag racing suspension kits for Ford Mustangs. mustang drag suspension setup

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